I'm Marcus, a wedding photographer based in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, I cover the UK and abroad.

Art has had a great influence on my life, which id like to think has translated into my present work as a wedding photographer. There is something special about capturing life unlike any other form of art, in which the subject 

My style of wedding photography is photojournalism, Its a mix of candid photography with storytelling elements. A smaller part of my wedding photography is contemporary portraiture this usually takes a maximum of 20 minutes in which I take the bride and groom away for some private photos, however, I Taylor this for each couple and I take on request only. 


I approach a wedding with patience and observation, to capture the best out of people throughout the day. I like to stay back slightly capturing a perfectly natural, non-posed, candid shot. I've found My non-intrusive approach has resulted in the most immersive photos in which you can look at over and over again and still feel like your back at your wedding day.