I'm Marcus, a wedding photographer based in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, I cover the UK and abroad.

From a young age through to college, I was greatly influenced by fine art, Photography wasn't introduced to me until my final year of college when my tutor handed me a DSLR and had me make a project on street photography, I can honestly say my camera hasn't left my side since that day.

Originally photography was a good hobby of mine and it never really dawned on me I could make a living from it. I enjoyed sharing my gift and in the first year, I photographed countless portrait sessions free of charge. I learnt some specific techniques, consisting of the technical element of photography as well as the physiological part which gave me the framework to become the photographer I am today. The following year as I progressed and with the help of a talented mentor I was offered to photograph a wedding. I can't put it into words the buzz I had that day. I had the chance to capture, the best day of that young couple's life. I know those photos will be looked at and passed down generation to generation. You can imagine the honor I felt to photograph their wedding.


My style of wedding photography is photojournalism, I like to tell a powerful story with my pictures, but in a natural, real and truthful way. A smaller part of my wedding photography is contemporary portraiture this usually takes a maximum of 20 minutes, however I Taylor this for each couple. 


I approach a wedding with patience and observation, to capture the best out of people throughout the day. I like to stay back slightly capturing a perfectly natural, non-posed, candid shot. To add to that I use a lot of semi-telephoto lenses. I find them to be 100 times more flattering than wide-angle lenses, also it's non-obstructive. 

That's enough technical malarkey! Hopefully, my work speaks for itself. 


Thank you for taking the time to read my about page, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions,